• Color Analysis online
  • Color Analysis online

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The woman with bright, clear coloring has outstanding features that are rather exotic! You have dark hair coloring with bright eyes and light to medium skin tone. You are considered to have high contrast in your coloring. There are some women with dark eyes and hair who fall into this category because they have very fair skin and the level of contrast between her dark hair and skin is so great.

Colors that best suit clear complexion women

Color Intensity: Bright hues

Accessories: Silver is best, but shiny gold works too

Best Neutrals: Black, navy, and deep charcoal gray

Pop Colors: Bright purple, clear red, sunny yellow, hot pink

White or Ivory? White

Best Shoe and Purse Color: Black

Best Makeup Shades: Vibrant shades of berry, fuchsia, and pink

Clear fabric color code swatches

CLEAR Swatches

36 color fabrics selected personally by Shari

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All swatches are handmade, and every color and every piece of fabric that goes into making your swatches is personally hand-picked by Shari! Swatch fabric colors are selected and updated to include current colors and trends.

36 colors   

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The Color Swatch Set comes with a sheer organza sachet and fits in your purse so your Swatches will be with you the next time you need to choose the perfect color!

Quick Reference Guide

Included with your Color Swatches is a Quick Reference Guide which identifies your best neutrals, basics, accent colors, accessory colors, shoe colors, etc.

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