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Shari Braendel

One of the nation's most sought-after speakers on the topic of fashion, beauty and dignity, Shari has fashioned an exceptional teaching style that touches the heart and encourages women of all ages. She has committed her life to building women's self-esteem through fashion.

As a successful image consultant, Shari saw first hand that women didn't recognize their own beauty. And they lacked the tools to dress themselves with style and confidence. "Women often judge themselves based on unrealistic standards and are forever coming up short. We are bombarded with a sea of fashion choices each day. Sometimes, the 'fashion noise' can be so overwhelming that women get stuck in a fashion rut. Not to mention, we have a tendency to put ourselves last on the priority list."

Award-winning author of "Help Me, Jesus! I Have Nothing to Wear!: the Go-To Guide for All Shapes and Sizes", she is well known as a fabulously fun 'fashionista' and the go-to girl for color analysis, image, and style. She regularly hosts workshops for women to help them appreciate their beauty, discover their natural assets, and learn what to wear so they can look and feel their best. Shari lives with her husband, Dave, in Charlotte, NC.