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Color ... makes a statement!

Wearing colors that agree with you makes you look younger, energetic, and full of life.

You have 7 seconds to make a first impression and you never get a second chance. Color ... it's discreet, but the colors you wear have an influence of what other people think about you!

Wearing 'balanced' colors

  • You look younger, healthier and more energized
  • It pulls together that 'head-to-toe' look
  • You'll feel better about yourself and how you look
  • Others will see you as more confident, competent and attractive

Color Illusions when determining color  

The same color can look surprisingly different in varying conditions. Background color and lighting change how we see and what color we see. It is difficult to correctly define a specific color under different conditions.

Lighting in any store I've shopped is very different than the lights in my closet at home. Have you ever bought a sweater to match something in your wardrobe only to find, that when you brought it home, the colors were way off? Both the lighting and the color you see it against can make shopping pretty challenging.

Defining Your Color Code  

Your color code is identified by the color of your eyes, hair and complexion. The key is knowing what colors work with the coloring you've got. So, let's find out what your color code is?

What's your Color Code?